It would be nice to see on what games you got reported on. Or something like that, to maybe see where you did wrong...

Now I've heard of it all, "I've never been to lowprio" and "you deserve it" and I think I do most of the times. But like today, I just opened Dota2 to see I have 5 lowpriority games to play. Didn't really expect it at all, since I got out of lowpriority just recently (once again) and tried my all to win games and behave. And my lastgame... Well I think someone just ragereported me since we lost to a Techies.

Which brings to my thoughts.. My account is obviously in some kind of state where it gets easily put to lowpriority etc. I am pretty sure my account is flagged like that.

You get reported in those games anyway from kids, and I guess when there is enough reports you just get in to lowpriority anyway.. So you can EXPECT to be in lowpriority anyway at some point...

It is kind of stupid especially if you know you will get lowpriority next game, there is kind of no point trying to win.. I mean that is why I have to mute everyone so I don't see that "repored" spam when I miss stun or get initiated in chat flame stuff and fear about lowpriority.

I know what most of you think about this and that is fine, and I will continue the routine of grinding 5 lowpriority games at times. At the current time doing my final one.

PS. The community during closed beta was something else.