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Thread: Time to fix this salt factory

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    Time to fix this salt factory

    Hello Developers of many hats.

    I was wondering if you had time to do some real development as we have a huge surplus of hats but the games lack of development for real issues has been lack luster as of late.
    Your community base is hurting, they are sad and they are lashing out. Currently there are no systems truly in place to prevent or even put this type of behavior down and it really only hurts you. I realized it recently with work mates, they start trying to play the game and give up quickly because its just full of crying kids. Their own logic is "how can this game possibly be fun when everyone who is playing it is so sad and miserable that they behave like a kid throwing a tantrum". I am a huge fan of the game and would love to see its continued success. I think the point has been reached where the biggest issue is the community and the attitude that has been promoted. Currently there are no punishments for being "that" player. In every example below the people don't want to play dota and playing the game is making them miserable. They are addicted and cannot stop hurting themselves, at this point the best thing they could do is Take a rest but none of them will, the attitudes they display should get a response from the game for just having such horrible conduct (literally every other competitive game/sport in the world would punish these people) but dota remains a bastion for the depraved to be rewarded for being as scummy as possible. At this point the lack of response from the Development team on behavior of the community and the lack of punishment has lead me to believe you guys don't have any plan or lack the development knowledge to implement such functionality.(hats are easier to make then real programming).

    Now however is the time the game is being - Reborn! You can let the MMR system be reborn, or the punishment system or the community as a whole. Your player base is hurting and sad, do something for them other then making hats, give them something they need. Teach them discipline or you can just reset MMR and buy yourself another 3 years of everyone thinking you fixed the problem while it slowly goes back into effect.

    All examples below are from the last 48 hours. Not any extremes just roughly every game looks like this and its made MMR useless, the game is no longer determined by skill but by which side is least happy to be playing dota and has the guy who is going to break and quit forever. - The omni intentionally fed because i killed the mid tower (no shit he said wow killing mid tower so early, fuck it im done with scrubs time to feed) Spent the rest of the game push A and walking down mid. It was sad and I hope his life improves. But low and behold he is not banned for this insane level of feeding. - ES and Naix were just salty and chatting through every fight or the game. Clearly no desire to play the game they just wanted to ruin the fun for others and insult the game as a whole. Chat is pretty hilarious though, made for some good laughs. - Gerardo spent the entire game intentionally feeding because someone picked a character he didn't like. His exact words were if anyone picks silencer im feeding this game. IN all chat surprisingly the enemy team picked silencer so he fed them a free win. The logic was missing but again he clearly was not happy playing the game. - Mirana spent the majority of the game afk in fountain coming out for some xp eveyr now and then maybe a gank or two then back to fountain his reasoning was that he was busy doing something more important but didn't want to abandon. Again logic is missing but another sad person who needs to cheer up and playing dota isn't helping.

    P.S. - Who the hell made the Bloodseeker update and why was it allowed to be put through without any testing. That guy is broken as shit on all his numbers, no level 3 hero should be able to 3 shot a disruptor support of the same level, without casting some nukes and stuns and if the max move speed is 520 it shouldn't be ok for 1 hero to break that max move speed by more than 2x just because.

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