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Thread: [Suggestion] GetScreenWidth/Height functions

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    [Suggestion] GetScreenWidth/Height functions

    I think it would be nice to have these two simple functions. Panorama handles all of the UI rescaling stuff but sometimes in the script we need to know the aspect ratio/screen dimensions as well, and currently we cannot do that.

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I know Panorama automatically does the scaling. What I am asking for is a GetScreenWidth/GetScreenHeight function in the Javascript API that will let me access the screen width and height inside of a script. Unless I am missing something about that link.

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    Yes I understand, I mean you could use classes for different aspect ratios to work around that for now, tho a function would be nice probably.

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    $.Msg( $("#utils").GetParent().GetParent().contentwidth ); // screen width
    $.Msg( $.GetContextPanel().GetParent().contentwidth ); // screen width
    var ratio = w / h;
            <Panel class="Main" hittest="false">
                   <Panel id="utils" hittest="false" />
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    210 this code *should* still be effected to Panorama scaling (not sure about that)

    also, that code is functionally equivalent to $.GetContextPanel().contentwidth (this method also requires no additional xml to execute)

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