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Thread: Reset MMR ? Fixed RANKED MATCH?

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    Exclamation Reset MMR ? Fixed RANKED MATCH?

    Good day , people will come to make a pose . Three weeks ago had 3.7k mmr . Now I have 2900 .. I'm from ARGENTINA SA .. Game , USA EAST .. to play good tennis .. There are many Peruvians Peruvians most 80 % . That destroy the game, feed , insulting .. you not have to have that level MMR . Eg : the matchmaking is wrong. Because, as it might be good for one team and the other one disaster. They would have to do something at a time RESET was talking about MMR . And donot happened ... I would like to have one server in my country , but we do not. Peru has his own mind on other servers and distorting the games ...
    I am now playing in Europe with 300 ping . Peruvians not to cross paths with . But something has to do with the matchmaking. (Ranked )

    sorry for my English.

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    Hello friend,

    You will not get a MMR reset.
    While the mmr system tries to do its best to place you in decently balanced games, the result is not always a good one.
    You've tilted MMR, and I would suggest you take a break from DotA for a week or so, reavaluate on things, maybe watch some replays to see what goes wrong in games.
    As far as peruvians go, thats just something you have to deal with, because It's nearly impossible to dodge them(even when you select to search for a certain language, for example english, you may still get in a game with people who are not searching for an english speaking game, but are instead searching for a russian language game etc.).

    I hope you get through this with the least amount of lost nerves possible, good luck & try to have fun in the future.

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    Please take your matchmaking feedback to the matchmaking sitckies in misc, as mentioned in the rules. Closing.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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