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Thread: Eul scepter usage with Invoker

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    Eul scepter usage with Invoker

    I could find better place to put this. Sorry if it is in wrong place.

    I've played a game against Exort invoker with Eul Scepter and i wasnt able to pop BKB before getting hit by Deafening Blast. (while having 50 ping). In my opinion, you should be able to pop BKB or any other instant cast item before you get hitted by Deafening Blast.

    Eul scepter in my mind is becoming too good for what's supposed to be. I like the potential of Lina, leshrac, sf, even the invoker but you SHOULD be able to pop BKB.
    To perfectly execute this strat it needs alot of training but once you get the training you can abuse this to no end. Becouse there is nothing that will stop you from doing your combo.

    It's not bug. But i think it's not intended, it is way stronger then it is supposed to be.

    Here is game where neither Blade mail on Clockwork or my BkB as AM wasnt possible to use before combo hitted us.
    I couldn't get in here as a attachment. If you want to see proof write me on my email.

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    Lol cannot post attachment? then link to at least image hosting site...
    Also this is intended and not op.
    It is easy as a bkb user to cast bkb without getting affected by spells at all after being inside euls. Guess you need more practice.

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    while u are in the air u should spam hitting your bkb hotkey , its really ez to bkb after eul ! just try it

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