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Thread: 4 Russians in Team and i get Low Priority because i am the only one speaking english!

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    4 Russians in Team and i get Low Priority because i am the only one speaking english!

    So i played a 75 Minutes game. All 4 of my teammates were russians. It was a ranked match so it was no 4 stack, but still i was the onl yone speaking english. I couldn't even talk to them because i had a voice mute from another match with 4 russian spammers. So our russian Invoker left after 20 minutes of feeding. After the 75 minute game, which we nearly won 4vs5, ended, our Dazzle wrote "report Bounty" which was me. He didn't write anything like that whole game, i had positive kd, roamed and ganmked whole game and did fine. So now i have to play 5 games in Low Priority. So Valve do something about that shit. Why do i have to play 5 games in Low Priority because i am the only english speaking guy on an english speaking EU Server??

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    Ignore and continue. Garbage community, garbage race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uebok View Post
    Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.

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    Don't forget to check the "English" in Language Preferences... oh, w8 you had it already? XDDD

    I swear I would forgive Valve all their Dota2 don't-give-a-fuck politics if only they could force Russians to RUSSIAN SERVER! This would make a huge community/civilization difference...

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    Honestly valve, this is the kind of shit that makes me want to play other moba's. Fix it now.

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    As mentioned here
    If any of those thread is already close, it is closed. You are NOT allowed to create a new thread about that issue.
    Request to Separate EU region in to East and West [CLOSED] | "Playing with people with other language, language lock, region lock etc"
    @Diabolic: We also don't accept xenophobic comments here, so get some manners.

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