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Thread: Hero Builds Cloud Server Issues and Problems

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    Yes, i have been having similar problems. Now i cannot save my builds as the save button does not show up! And when i create a new build it wont show in game! Also i cannot edit my skill build as the skill build wont show! Please fix this Valve as some of us spent many hours and days spending on creating and editing builds! Please fix this! Thank You.

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    Builds won't load properly, preventing editing. Feels like a server problem related to TI as I literally edited 50 builds yesterday

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    Errors still persist: Unable to load Hero Build file: guides/!

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    Textboxes still bugged, it makes updating the guides very difficult, since I can't erase old text.

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    Problem still persist, it's really unbearable

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    Beastmaster guide, still unusuable.

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    Problem still persists

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    Character limit on hero builds has no limit if done via Steam Community; however it gets cut-off in-game.

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    Bug still persists

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    I am suffering from this now. What was the solution back in 2013?

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