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Thread: Chat Ban or In-game Mute Button?

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    Chat Ban or In-game Mute Button?

    If you could keep one option and remove the other option from the game, which would you keep and why?
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    I am against in-game mutes. It just ruins the game for almost everyone IMO.

    If someone was talking shit the entire time I would just go ahead and mute them OR ignore them. I feel like muting offenders is a method that simply doesn't work. It just puts you, and your teammates at a disatvantage.
    If you could at least write some basic stuff to your team(such as telling them where you're going during the laning phase, telling someone what to do specifically), it would be great. But now it's just limited to a chat wheel that you can't even use during pick screen, aka there is a chance of getting flamed from your teammates for having no communication.

    I'd much rather prefer it if people that shit talked simply got into low priority, and no item drops, but were able to talk, than to have someone who is basically going to play his own game 90% of the time unless someone makes an effort to specifically coordinate with him, trying to figure out what he wants to do when he spams chat wheel phrases etc.

    Also valve really need to work on making people feel better during the game. I think league has a nice, uplifting message once you get reported for communication abuse, something among the lines of 'everyone has bad days, but please remember theres a person on the other side of the screen' or something like that. It just made you look at the bigger picture that there is more to life than dota, and that you're playing with people, who just like you, wanted to win and have fun in the process.

    Also another suggestion I read before is having the option of a swear filter - if anyone writes a message containing banned words, his message will not be send to those that have chat filter turned on and he will be notified. Easily bypassable by changing up some letters, but I still think its a good idea to be implemented.

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    40 views and nobody wants to make a vote?

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    All report/low priority issues should go here: Commend/Report/Ban Feedback
    Read the rules and use the stickies, this is not the first time I have to tell you this...
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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