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Thread: Suggestion for Guild features in Dota 2 Reborn

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    Suggestion for Guild features in Dota 2 Reborn

    Greetings ! We are from SEADota Inhouse League Guild and we've gathered feedbacks and suggestions from our guild regarding features we would want to be implemented in reborn. Here are the suggestions!

    Better guild members tab such as:
    • Last seen playing in a lobby game
    • Preferred role
    • Date joined the guild
    • Total lobby games played
    • Nickname/previous aliases
    • Search bar, being able to search using aliases and past aliases
    • Members who are in your friends list should have an icon or text indicating they are in your friends list
    • Sidebar showing Guild user activities and interaction between each other (Similar to Friends Feed in Reborn
    • Make a Guild specific Insignia/Badge for players according to the ranks (each rank would have their own insignia)
    • In the Guild chat or Memberís list page, when you hover your cursor to someone, put a pop up of mmr range, helping users to find players with similar mmr bracket and party up for ranked
    • Keep a record of users who have left/kicked the guild (Mark as either left or kicked so that those who have merely left can be re-accepted)

    Better management for guild officers and leaders such as:
    • Being able to kick/promote/demote multiple members at a time (a checklist system)
    • Being able to clear guild chat manually instead of resetting randomly
    • History or Timeline of Members of the Guild (when they joined the guild)
    • Database of a Guild chat log that is accessible only to moderators and admins, enabling easier guild management. Backtrack-able up to 1~ week complete with timestamp search bars
    • Being able to bypass private profiles, this means that you can view those who have private profiles as long if you are a guild officer or leader
    • Being able to set permissions for guild officers as a guild leader, what they can touch/do and what they canít similar to steam groups
    • More roles than just guild officers and leaders, perhaps adding administrators and moderators

    Announcements tab:
    • Enable uploading picture for announcement feeds
    • Enable event scheduling similar to steam groups

    Member Invitation:
    • Make the join guild system similar to facebook groups where users have the ability to request to join the guild (basically, allow players to preview guilds and request for invitation)
    • Make Guilds browseable so they are easier to discover, also a weekly Guild spotlight in the community tab would be nice

    Integrating Steam groups with Dota guilds:
    • Any announcements made in the Steam group should be shown in the announcements tab of the guild and vice versa
    • The summary of the Steam group should be mirrored for the guild information in-game

    Lobby Games
    • Showing a list of recent lobby games of the guild and stats tracking for guild games
    • An option for lobby games to be tagged as guild games, automatically making it only join-able by guild members

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    i think it would be ideal if we had a history / track record for all members.
    the admin has to do that manually .. like write it down.. this guy did x, this did y.. seems really troublesome.

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