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Thread: [Suggestion] Allied-Spectating

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    [Suggestion] Allied-Spectating

    Due to the observer delay, it's no real fun to watch your friends play at the moment. Especially if you can actually talk to them in realtime, while you need to wait 2 minutes to actually see what is happening right now. So you hear them laughing about a random funny scene/raging about a missed hook/wahtever and you sit tehre and think Hey. maybe I will remember to look for it in 2 minutes...
    Ofcourse I understand why the delay has to be there, but this is where I suggest a workaround.
    Instead of only allowing o spectate witht he 2 min delay, I would suggest to add a Spectate(allied) version into the game.

    In this mode you would only have the allied view that the person has you are spectating, so baisically either dire or radiant. No observer view and no way to change your viewpoint.
    Ofcourse this might lead to abuse in tertms of asking your friend for a name of an oponent to spectate, but this owuld easily be fixed by only allowing this feature to work with friends of you (and let's be serious, nobody would ghost against a friend) and also notifying the person you are spectating that he's currently beeing livespectated, or even requiering his allowance in a simple yes/no optin on the configs/as a pop-up in the bottom right (the latter would not be optimal though)
    Maybe even prohibit it if there is a frined in each team...

    So baisically you have either full vision and delay, or only one team vision of a person who knows and trusts you with no dealy.
    The whole point of this is that it's more fun to talk about the current events while waiting for your friends to fnish a game, so that you can join the next one together.

    Sorry if this has been suggested already, but I haven't found anything like this.

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    This is a very good idea. I support this request.

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    This has already been suggested. Since the dota community doesnt believe Valve could create a proper real time spectating option, they dont want it. In my opinion we should let Valve deside whether it is possible or not to create such a function. But you will see that the majority of this community somehow knows how it's going to be (people will abuse live spectating). For myself I do not know how they know that people will abuse it before Valve even created it. -> lot's of mindfreaks here i guess

    Yes i am for it, Valve should at least think about it
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