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Thread: [Suggestion] Position preference as a in-game option

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Position preference as a in-game option

    Hello community, I don't know if anyone suggested this before, but I'll do it (again).

    Basically, to make the team composition easier through the matchmaking system, I would suggest an option through which you could decide which role would you want to play. This way matchmaking system would find other players that let's say want to play support, and you could easily check your "mid" box without thinking about a random XboxLive kid that rages because he didn't get his favorite lane.

    The only problem would lie in the presumption that there needs to be an "X" number of supports, "Y" number of carries etc., but I think it's solveable.

    What do you think?

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    has been suggested multiple times before but this is not an option in dota due to its depth. You can use the search function for more on the matter

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