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Thread: [C]Winter's Curse results in deny when ally makes last hit while Rubick has it stolen

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    [C]Winter's Curse results in deny when ally makes last hit while Rubick has it stolen


    1. Pick Winter Wyvern and level ulti
    2. Create enemy Rubick and steal Winter's Curse
    3. Create an allied hero
    4. Cast Winter's Curse on the enemy Rubick or any other hero
    5. Make that one of your allies gets the last hit on the cursed enemy

    Result: The kill is credited to Rubick as a deny or suicide.

    Expected: The kill is credited to the caster, Winter Wyvern.

    The crediting works fine in any other scenario in which Rubick also has Winter's Curse currently stolen. Whoever casts Winter's Curse properly gets the kill credits, except in this one scenario.
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    Wyvern's ult kills count as Rubick denies if he has Winter's curse stolen

    Match ID: 1767269956
    Game Time: 19:00

    Templar get's ganked on mid, dies while affected by Winter's Curse. Kill gets count as "Denied by Rubick" who was ~2000 range away from a fight and did nothing. He had Winter's Curse stolen tho.

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    I think the killer is the hero that loads into game later.
    If you create Winter Wyvern first, then create Rubick, then steal Winter's Curse, the killer is always Rubick, casting deny or suicide, if Winter Wyvern cast a Winter's Curse.
    But if you create Rubick first, then create Winter Wyvern, then make Rubick steal Winter's Curse, the killer is always Winter Wyvern. If Rubick cast a stolen Winter's Curse, then the cursed target died because of his ally, the killer will be Winter Wyvern, causing a deny or suicide.
    This also happens when Winter Wyvern loads into game later than Rubick.

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