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Thread: bot pathing problem on upper lane

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    bot pathing problem on upper lane

    I ping the map 2 times(yellow circles on the picture),so the bot from my lane goes to check it out.
    He goes to the location of first ping,then i ping the 2nd time,and the bot goes to the second ping location.

    On the second ping location there was a low hp lina.My bot(Veng) stuns and -armor,but lina manages to escape.
    Veng drops the pursuit,so he decides to come back to lane with me.
    Now,instead of returning via the same way he came,he goes near enemy tower(blue line),getting dmged by the tower.
    Our creeps werent attacking tower,there was no one there to take the dmg.


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    That problem doesn't just exist in the top lane. Yesterday, I played a game and successfully pushed the bottom tower and rax with my team. Me and a AI team member (I think, it was Tiny) dove further into the base to snag a kill. During the dive, Tiny took some damage from the inner two towers. Although, when he was retreating, he chose to go back through the middle lane which was still guarded by a tower that ultimately lead to his death. He would have been able to retreat on the same way he came as there were no enemies alive.

    Is there a more comfortable way to record games against the AI than via console or maybe something like an auto-record? That would make it easier to give detailed feedback as I tend to forget to record it manually. Furthermore, the console seems a bit unresponsive to me. I bound toggleconsole to F8 but sometimes the console won't show until I've hammered on F8 1 million times =/

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