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Thread: Stat readout is inaccurate-like my spelling probably

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    Stat readout is inaccurate-like my spelling probably

    The game tells us how much gold per minute we have at the end of a match but I frequently find it is not representing actual farming proficiency in players due to two reasons. The first is the rax and other in base dwelling added always toward the end of the game whose gold normally goes unspent/un-used. As well as the amount of gold x player loses to deaths. Some players like myself take special measures to make sure they never lose gold. others pay little attention to it. I propose the buildings inside base be removed form the figure as well as an additional figure being added. Gold % retained. For a far more intuitive take on our success.

    Alternatively the two measures could simply be subtracted from the existing figure of GPM. Although I believe not removing it in favor of an additional statistic gives a more clear impression for learning purposes.

    As an example, I frequently end games with 2-3x the item value as individuals who earned 2-3x my GPM when playing semi carry or support. (yes I am in the crud tier.) With this measure in place the aforementioned persons can learn quickly exactly how badly they are allowing their losses to impact their farm and adjust accordingly. IE Not attempt a gank on two people without backup when 200 gold away from completing bfly+BB gold. Or pay closer attention to reliable vs un-reliable.
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