So basically I can't play custom games. Let me explain:

When I join a lobby and everyone is here, the game starts (no issue there). After the host has joined the game, it's our turn. So I'm connecting to the game (still no issue).
The problem comes here: After connecting to the game, you're basically supposed to get a loading screen while loading the game. I don't have this loading screen even thought I'm apparently "loading", I'm just staying in the menu. After finishing "loading", I'm still in the menu, I just can't join the game. I can disconnect and reconnect but still nothing. So my only choice is to leave the game. And it's the same for every custom games.
The only way for me to play custom games is to host the game (somehow if a friend of mine is hosting it works as well)
In the first versions of reborn I could play custom, but not anymore.

Is this a known issue or is it just me? Any suggestion on how to resolve this?

(Tell me if you want screens or more information about it.)