Hello guys,
at first: I come from Germany and so my english is not the best :-). My problem is: when i tried to start Dota 2 today, first I got the Dota 2 logo and then I got a blackscreen. In the background i heard music and my mouse-pointer was also in the Dota-Look, but I couldn't see any other things on my screen... Do you have any tips for me? My System is: EdUbuntu 14.4 with Nvidia GeForce 260 Graphic card, an ASUS 1980x1080 Monitor, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR2 RAM in Dual-Channel-Mode, and a Verbatim SSD with ca 90 GB free space. The Processor is: AMD Phentom 9500 with 2.6 GHz and Quad-Core.

Greetings, Warau1