Hi, im so lucky 2 have dota 2 beta and i would like to help u make the game more interesting. I played dota 1 for 8 years so i know a little about this epic game.
Here are my propostions and bugs that need 2 be fixed so the game will be more absorbing

1. Curier for allie, it sould be like in dota 2 share options ( because if i go mid and cant get my curier for 15 min because it runies my game)

2. Bug with despiring heros and enemy creeps that turn to allie creeps and need to be denayed with denay botton

3. Bigger atributes, atack and armor bar. Its much 2 small. It is 1 of the most imported info for players in game and u cant see it. It sould be at least 2-3 times bigger

4. Bigger item pictures in shop so its easier for fast buy, and bigger lvl and exp bar, u cant see it fastly ether

5. this is a suggestion, In the played games, stats of all games should be in 2 colors: wins-background green loses -red backgraond.

6. There also should be a streak option in the main win/lose table by every game and at the main profile a streak stat (for the best streak you had). Many players play for stats and this will make the game more fun and interesting, games more emotional if you will be beting ure streaks, it will make u want the win much more. Maybe a graph of win loses. It will show the imrovment of your skillz. And make it more absorbing

7. In main dota profile not only wins but loses too, + procetage wins to loses (with a hide option for noobs that are ashamed xD)

8. Easier option to view players profiles, like duble click the top ikons of teams

9. option to chat after your team picked and you are picking after the time, and a option to view whats happening in base when you pick after the time ( i hope you know what i mean)

10. In the main dota profile stats of all killes/ deaths/ denays and other stats like gold per min and others. It will make it much interesting for players. it will make the game much more absorbing tring to get nice stats

11. a bug that you can random on sd mod, i did it a few times by mistake and got 200 glod left. Cancel the random option

12. ar mod?

13. Speed of attack for heros, denaing is much easier then i n dota1, most heros have much 2 fast attack and they have almost the same reaction. Make it more diffrent for every hero so its more challenging and interesting to learn each hero

14. And one more thing pls dont earies the dota stats for all dota beta players when the retail version comes out. Give the players the option to buy your profile with your stats from beta games. this would be a nice present for beta testers

Thats all i have 4 now, hope it helps and that some1 with power will read this and use some of my suggestions to improve dota 2 ( its wicked anyhow ).