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Thread: [Suggestion] Remove ability to see an enemies mana by clicking on them

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    Worst Idea I've come across in this forum

    Who the hell picks the moderators? Stalin?

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    the system is already good and dont mess with it
    click hero to look his mana
    u say battlefield? battlefield in real life?
    this is dota man dota

    u can see their ki power or chakra power by just focusing on target
    u can see their mana by clickin on your target

    and u forget about magina?

    did all the int heroes only get attacked when they have no mana?

    Quote Originally Posted by slowreflex View Post
    I also like to look at games in a realism type of way. If you met an enemy on a battlefield in real life, you could see roughly how physically injured he was (health) and what he is wearing (items), but you wouldn't be able to tell how much mental strength (mana) he has left in
    u fail if u see mana is mental
    mana is power or stamina
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    Quote Originally Posted by sYs View Post
    This is balance issue.
    Yeah, it's a balance issue and should be closed, but since it's created by a mod he'll probably get away with it.

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    I consider this kinda funny. The arguments for not removing "being able to see enemys mana" by clicking them is similar to the arguments for having a mana bar. Not sure if my last sentance is making sense, im randomly lost with the negatives im using

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    Because removing ability to see mana would change gameplay as much as adding mana bars would.
    In dota1 = if you wanted to know how much mana your opponent (or ally) had, you had to click him.

    If mana visibility was removed, people would have to be insanely aware of the opponents mana to even try to estimate anything.
    Giving players manabars for all heroes removes the need to click on the opponent to check their mana, instead it just provides the information on screen instantly, of course it will change gameplay.

    Some situations I can think of:
    Imagine you see 3 intel heroes trying to gank you when you are alone; they are with full hp but near empty mana. You are a farmed carry, they can still take you down if they have full mana. If there were manabars, you would know that they didn't have much mana left; you could just attack ground and probably rape all 3 of them. Advantage goes to you.

    As of now you have to check each heroes' mana, which costs time. By the time you realise they are actually oom, you have already backed off, which is what they planned to have you do. Advantage goes to them or you, depending on what you do.

    If mana visibilty was removed, they come at you and the first thing you would do if you had any common sense is that to back off. Advantage goes to them, in a way.

    Also playing as AM would be pretty different.

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    This is a really stupid idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shalafi View Post
    Yeah, it's a balance issue and should be closed, but since it's created by a mod he'll probably get away with it.
    What is this? Mods don't get special rights. It was actually never confirmed if this is a limitation in WC3, which is why the thread lived on. In any case, I think it's been discussed enough and can be closed. It's turning into an excuse to talk about mana bars, which is what we don't want.
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