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Thread: No sound from all announcers but default

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    No sound from all announcers but default

    I decided to get back into the game, installed it again, and for the last few days this bug has been bothering me. The normal announcer works for for all the events in the game, but shared announcers along with any other than default don't work. This is mostly noticeable when I go to the store and none of the preview buttons play any audio. Doesn't work in demo mode either.

    I have:

    Verified game cache
    Checked all the in-game audio settings
    Checked windows audio settings

    The problem persists through all of these attempted fixes

    Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I would love to buy a voice pack, but this makes it pointless...

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    No, announcers have been broken for a month. Personally I dont need to be able to preview weather effects. Yet that seems more important than getting the voices to work apparently.

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    R.I.P. DOTA

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    Any fix for this yet?

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