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Thread: Lina's "Laguna Blade"

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    +1 for black
    And +1 for all the references to the original Lina Inverse. Personally, to keep everyone as satisfied as possible, someone could make customised set for Lina to make her Lina Inverse. Give her background story referring to the anime, 4 bands for amplification, and anything else that would remind more of the old Lina. I guess someone who knows how to operate in workshop could do that. And then if everything goes well we will end with a 'Lina Inverse kit' which when completed would make the ultimate look like it should (with aghanim maybe give her golden glow, anyone interseted in the anime would know why).
    And black bolt of Raguna Blade makes sense. It is a blade, but with hell of a range. It is somehow a mix of raguna blade and giga slave, but we can't go into details that much.

    For all the tl;dr
    Leave it as it is and I call for someone skilled and interested to make it into the workshop and then post a link here

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    just make it black please NO MARKETING

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    oh god...
    a complete Lina Inverse skin or equipment kit would be so awesome....
    it probably can't be perfect because of copyright issues but something that made it look more like the actual Lina would be so cool...
    No matter the price i would get that for sure xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by rash188 View Post
    2 is not always be the same as 1,... dota 2 will not all be the same as dota 1
    It will. Everything that happends in Dota, like bug fixes and stuff happends in Dota 2 aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EeaZY View Post
    It will. Everything that happends in Dota, like bug fixes and stuff happends in Dota 2 aswell.

    Actually it Is the same, untill the game is ready. Be sure, that when every hero and every feature from dota 1 be into dota 2 as well, they will start making new heroes and features for dota 2 and as the years go dota1 will remain un-updated...

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