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Thread: Unusual Greedy Greevil Vas Aura Courier becoming white in Dota 2 Reborn

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    Thumbs up Unusual Greedy Greevil Vas Aura Courier becoming white in Dota 2 Reborn

    ADMIN Please help us. Theres many complaint about this problem but still the bug is not yet fixed especially NOW it became worst.

    Please fix the visual bug in OUR UNUSUAL GREEDY GREEVIL 9/9 FULL PARTS 3 UNUSUAL ESSENCE. The courier becomes white instead of green and the trail effect is not really clear. Others can see the effect of my courier but others cant see it unfortunately it became a normal greedy greevil in their screen.

    The pictures are in the attachments so please take a look of my courier.

    There are other complains about the other unusual greevils aside from greedy greevil that they cant see the effect at all. Try to check it also.

    Hoping for your kind consideration for this bug by the way its been a couple of months already and STILL it havent been fixed. Other players just gave up in this beautiful courier because even now the visual bug hasnt been fixed yet.

    God bless and more power to Dota 2. Hope you can fix this as soon as possible. Dont let our money gone to waste with this BEAUTIFUL courier.
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    just to add another this involving unusual greevils, is that, if you have more than one in you armory, sometimes you can't see all on the loadout screen, sometimes it shows one, some times it shows two, but never all couriers you have, this happens since source1.

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    up please valve fix tihs

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    please valve fix this virtual bug

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    i can confirmed this too, base model of greevils become white instead of their color.


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