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Thread: No animation on heroes TAB screen when sitting in game menu. (Sabayon 16.02)

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    Unhappy No animation on heroes TAB screen when sitting in game menu. (Sabayon 16.02)



    gdrewb-valve commented on 27 Jun 2015
    It turns out that playing the hero movies is still under construction for Linux and Mac. This will be finished in an upcoming release but I don't have a specific date.

    MY: I just wonder how its going to be not completed if only few weeks ago I have these animations on my Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha1 LTS pre release Linux distribution. Seems they just removed these PNG stuff with recently released patches and clear requested stuff in directories. I guess will have to wait until these work ends up done.

    Recently I tried to play dota 2 on my fresh sabayon 16.02 installation and I discovered that the main menu hero tab does not have a proper animation. I tried to update my steam and libraries through entropy (do not trying to emerge with gentoo repositories) and no luck. Unfortunately animation in menu do not playing. The game reports in DEV console that under "images" directory it can't find required PNG files. I also tried to verify the game cache but still no animation. On the other hand the in game heroes portrait animation working properly.

    I thought that it is Linux distibution specific problem which is I personally do not know how to address by myself, cause I have no such problems when playing dota 2 for example on my Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha1 or Manjaro Linux last release or OpenSUSE leap 42.

    If someone have a clue why PNG files are missing for Sabayon Linux especially or any other tips give a shout here please. Anyway I still don't do emerge with gentoo packages cause most of sabayon packages from entropy working flawlessly on my current running system which I sticked to use for a while until Ubuntu 16.04 GNOME releases.

    Its not a big problem for me but I looking onto heroes TAB especially when I sitting and waiting in major long game queues and I just obviously accustomed to animated heroes portraits in there rather then just static portraits without any animation.

    I know Valve tries to leave behind traces of "Autodesk Scaleform" technology to move on and benefit HUD and in game interfaces from their new so called "Panorama" framework.

    I just interested to ask why these PNG missing cause I double checked these folders under these animation supposed to be like native place for them and verifying of game cache doesn't help me. Steam simply not recover anything to these folders.

    So the main question is: is this normal behavior and I should just sit and wait while DEV's move game code to Panorama framework or it's some kind of bug which probably can't be fixed cause game cache for Linux port of dota 2 simply staled enough to not recover requested by the game PNG animated pictures content?

    uname -a
    Linux homer 4.4.0-sabayon #1 SMP Wed Jan 13 09:20:35 UTC 2016 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
    sergey@homer ~ $ lsb_release -a
    LSB Version: n/a
    Distributor ID: Sabayon
    Description: Sabayon Linux amd64 16.02
    Release: n/a
    Codename: n/a

    I am running fresh MESA and 361.28 February NVIDIA WHQL binary driver and all things quite fresh to these day and continiously updated by myself, so these additional steps exclude that fact that these can be caused by NVIDIA binary driver.

    I wrote topics on troubleshoting texture compression and others for dota 2 but not found any words about my problem.

    And its only seems to be worse cause I saw topics about these bug about year+ ago. Seems to be that these bug was not addressed and keeped in shadows for a long time. Thats why I still feel that these should be answered at least so Linux users can know widely about "knowed bugs" that applies to curent dota 2 Linux game/steam distribution.

    P.S.>Well anyway I am pretty happy with fact that your game is running well across different Linux distributions. It helps me a lot when I switching from one to one ;D
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