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Thread: Workshop Tools - Bugs and Suggestions List

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    Workshop Tools - Bugs and Suggestions List

    Workshop Tools - Bugs and Suggestions List

    This thread contains a compilation of all Bug reports and Suggestions related to the Workshop Tools Alpha and will be maintained with any update or requests made by the Modding Community.

    If you want something added which isn't currently on the list, send me PM.

    Leave a post in each appropriate link if the issue is no longer present. Bold links are things that require critical attention, because there are no workarounds for it.

    If you want to make a new post please consider the General Guidelines for Workshop Tools Bugs & Suggestions

    Added/Fixed on Dota 2 Source Beta

    Need confirmation when the patch hits.

    1. Lua Abilities & Modifiers
    2. A unit target flag to exclude self/caster
    3. Problems changing a hero's minimap icon
    4. Workshop tool crashes when user selects the same particle as a children.
    5. Entities:CreateByClassname("dota_temp_tree") causes a CTD
    6. "OnAbilityPhaseInterrupted" doesn't trigger
    7. Skipping an ability slot ignores precaching
    8. Cooldown control finer than simply resetting the cooldown.
    9. Team relation support
    10. Add API for pinging the minimap
    11. SetPrimaryAttribute() function
    12. Add lua command to get current order of a unit and its target.
    13. Add an event for listening to right-click movements.
    14. Flash GetSelectedEntities returns just the current selected unit instead of an array (Panorama should takes care of this now)
    15. Replicated camera CVARs and Scaleform Mouse Positioning (Panorama)
    16. Client-side Particle and Prop Control (from Scaleform) (Panorama)
    17. Can't reduce the in-game music in Source2
    18. Wearable models are "frozen" on first load in Source 2
    19. A copy/paste command for functions in Particle Editor Tool
    20. Show custom map that's updating
    21. Better handling of modifier properties requiring a specific variable type
    22. PET CTDs; selecting expensive parent particle as child particle/instability crash
    23. CTD when loading child of expensive .vpcf in PET while expensive .vpcf is in use in-game
    24. Particle-related issue

    Known Bugs


    1. Longstanding Critical Networking Error Prevents Joining Custom Games
    2. Custom game_event "long" and "uint64" types mangling data using higher bits
    3. "Phantom" items created with CreateItem() never unload from memory
    4. Compilation of some funcs/entities/triggers not currently compatible with Source 2
    5. Unresponsive keyboard when recompiling from the hero selection screen
    6. Workshop tools won't launch.
    7. Magnus portrait/icon in hero selection screen missing
    8. Various problems with precaching with clients
    9. Unit AbilityLayout Bugs
    10. Portrait data can be overridden in the tools but not in S2 on the main client
    11. On-demand asset compile failure ( related to recent main client change?)

    Crashes to Desktop

    1. Custom games crash to desktop on pressing start game
    2. Game crashes when using ability while invisible
    3. CTD on editing Normal Flow Lerp Exp paramter in"Flow Normals" variable (Mat. Editor)
    4. Crash on MakeTeamLose, SetGameWinner and SetFogOfWarDisabled
    5. ResourceCopy.exe stopped working
    6. Workshop tool crashes when user selects the same particle as a children.
    7. Material Editor Crash to Desktop
    8. Creating an item with 6 components crashes the game.
    9. Dragging specific particle into Hammer causes crash
    10. CTD On editing .vmat in mat. editor while model using the .vmat is used in the PET.
    11. Crash While Looking Up Specific Particle In Asset Browser
    12. On repicking hero from hero screen pre-game


    1. Datadriven "multiple" passive aura modifiers not being deleted on death
    2. Datadriven "CASTER" and "ATTACKER" resolve to the unit being attacked
    3. Non-MULTIPLE Item Modifiers and Dropping Items
    4. Transcluding AbilitySpecial variables into Note tooltips doesn't work
    5. "OnUnequip" triggers twice when the item is upgraded
    6. keys.caster:Kill(X, keys.caster) ignores "BountyXP" KV pair
    7. Selling an item from your stash removes a "multiple" modifier it shouldn't
    8. MODIFIER_STATE_PASSIVES_DISABLED doesn't seem to work
    9. entity_hurt event sends wrong information.
    10. StopListeningToGameEvent does not unregister listener
    11. Altering base movespeed, phyiscal armor and magic resistance does not update UI
    12. DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_FLAG_MAGIC_IMMUNE_ENEMIES doesn't allow damage through MI
    13. Unit has 0.04 base mana regen even when "StatusManaRegen" set to 0
    14. HasAnyAvailableInventorySpace() counts wards as empty slots
    15. Applying and Removing modifiers on the same frame
    16. RemoveAbility() does not remove passive modifiers attached to the ability
    17. MakeRandomHeroSelection does not respect SetSameHeroSelectionEnabled
    18. SetOverrideSelectionEntity is under CDOTABaseGameMode, should be player-based
    19. AbilityChannelTime cannot take in AbilitySpecial variables
    20. SetRecommendedItemsDisabled is non-functional.

    Particle Editor

    1. Screenspace particle effects do not show in portrait
    2. Particles in portrait are doubled upon spawn, fixed on death+respawn

    Unconfirmed Issues

    1. When you run script with 6 or more KVs, linearprojectile does not work
    2. Custom games issues (dota x64 don' t restart)
    3. Lua StopSound functions not working?
    4. Failed to start game (missing executable).
    5. Problem with the Tools Alpha in 32-bit Windows 7 FIXED?
    6. Items still visible from fog of war
    7. Illusions can drop items.
    8. Changing a hero's/player's team mid-game leaves a ghost hero in the other team.
    9. Models used in particles has no wearables.
    10. ent_fow_blocker_node blocks FoW strangely?(prob inaccurate entity description?)



    1. Allow us to save our panel layout for tools
    2. Add option to Asset Browser to launch a map with current gamemode.
    3. Add crash explanation to VConsole2
    4. Keyboard shortcut alternative for displacement radius/strength/smooth
    5. Allow us to add weather effects to maps
    6. Allow us to change Hammer key bindings (also, tablet/camera sensitivity)
    7. Better shop control (adding columns, more than three shops, etc.)
    8. Expose something to change AbilityLayout
    9. Add UI support for spells with any amount of levels
    10. Spells with a manacost that is a % of the caster's total mana
    11. Support for more than 4 tilesets
    12. Access to the removed unexplored terrain mechanic
    13. Grid Navigation Modification Functions in Lua
    14. Increased limit on number of displayed modifiers
    15. Don't store the mod tools image cache somewhere where it will get put into the mod.
    16. Allow change of clip type for point_simple_obstruction entity
    17. Non-radial fog revealer alternative
    18. Camera angle customization
    19. "Save All" Function
    20. Cross-software compatability/integration?


    1. Add GetModelScale()
    2. HasModifierByNameAndCaster() function
    3. OnAttackDodged Modifier Event
    4. "OnAbilityExecuted" should pass in the ability that was actually executed
    5. Add some way to decrease death count
    6. Disabling the 10-second item sellback window in Lua
    7. Add lua commands to create illusions from a unit.
    8. A way to change item icon textures on the fly
    9. GetBaseManaRegen() function
    10. Truesight/Detection Function and Modifier Property
    11. Ability event that triggers after turning but before cast point/anim
    12. Built-in engine events for when it becomes day or night
    13. "GiveVision" suggestion for custom abilities/items
    14. Precache cosmetic models on demand when using ReplaceHeroWith
    15. A way to find a projectile's ID after creation
    16. Event for when a unit gains an ability
    17. Ability event that triggers when it comes off cooldown
    18. Built-in engine event to tell when an item is dropped
    19. Allow Item/Ability Texture Toggling
    20. Add "AttachSound" DataDriven Action
    21. Add a behaviour to execute ability solely on client-side
    22. CreateVisibilityNode() should take in a bool for flying or ground vision
    23. Let us choose which units can be seen through fog
    24. Real Order listener, improve the OnOrder modifier event with a %var
    25. MODIFIER_PROPERTY_HEALTH_BONUS doesn't work on npc_dota_creature
    26. IsUsingLowViolence() Lua function
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    This is great! Thanks for taking the time and compiling this list!

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    Current position co-ordinates non-tracable. Unknown space.
    Quote Originally Posted by Noya
    7. CTD on encountering .vagrp asset type in asset browser
    8. CTD on double-clicking unknown empty prefab
    These two have actually been fixed with the most recent update and can be considered closed. Thanks for making this compilation though!

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    Thanks for reviewing it, I updated the Fixed in latest patch accordingly.

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    I'll update this list with the changed from the Beta Release Notes!

    If you see something in there that is on the list, please bump the thread!

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    Noya, put this in your list:

    Normal maps does not work correctly in dota 2 workshop tools. Actually they are not working at all.

    Also there is a problem with translucency and masks. Masks works only when translucency enabled, but it actually make whole model transparent.

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