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Thread: Lights no longer cast all shadows, SSAO makes some shadows pixelated

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    Unhappy Lights no longer cast all shadows, SSAO makes some shadows pixelated

    Hey guys,

    Had no problems with this until SSAO controls have been added to camera. I've been testing for the past 2 hours with the different lighting settings, but with no satisfying results.

    Problem - Lights no longer cast shadows. Actually, they do interact with the elements that were already on the imported map, like some trees, bushes, grass and so on. However, they simply go through the characters and models added directly from SFM. As you can see in the following picture, the bush casts a nice, smooth shadow, but Beastmaster on the right of it completely ignores shadows and gets a full illumination. The only source of "shadow" is some SSAO, which makes those shadows really pixelated. You can see those pixelated shadows everywhere, under the feet, flowers on the right, goes along the bottom edge of the picture and so on. Effect is more visible in the second picture. Hope this gets fixed asap!

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    Can confirm that all lighting is broken as of the last SFM update, shadows have become practically non-existent. Loading a past session file shows something that might as well be fullbright

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    Confirming. Does not work on any spawned model, map brush and most map models.

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    Confirming as well. Completely broken. We need a fix ASAP.
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    It didn't make it into today's release notes, but the shadow regression has been fixed in today's update.

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    Thanks Joe. Wykrhm from /r/DotA2 got you covered on the notes too:

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    Hey Joe, thanks for fixing the lighting problem! However, I feel that there is still a slight problem with shadows casting. Take a look at this short video, you should notice the problem in a second. - SFM 2.0 - Shadows Problem

    Pay a close attention to the shadows cast by the closest warriors. They get slightly pixelated, but shadows of the warriors in the distance are quite fine.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to try and redirect some attention to my latest topic, regarding the Motion Capturing and Model Export Rotation. Most of the scenes that I am currently working on require a Motion Capturing magic, i.e. those warriors you can see in the video, but SFM 2.0 is not exporting the .dmx files in a correct way. Hope you can do something about it!

    Link to the topic -

    Thanks in advance!

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