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Thread: [Confirmed] Fissure's pathing block range is not 1400

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    [Confirmed] Fissure's pathing block range is not 1400

    According to the last change to its range, it is supposed to have a length of 1400. This means, combined with its damage/stun radius of 225, it should hit units up to 1625 range away and its pathing blocker should reach up to 1400 range. This is currently not the case. Right now, its damage reaches up to 1569 range, while its pathing blocking reaches up to 1334 range. It is short by exactly 1 dummy.

    Fissure mechanics:

    The Fissure consists out of 24 dummy units, which have a collision size of 24. They are all placed in a straight line, with a gap of 8 range between them. This results in

    (24*2)*24+24*8=1344 length.

    Since collision size is in radius, their diametre is (24*2=)48. 24 dummies have a length of 1152.
    Now throw in the 8 range gap between each (24 gaps in total, together with the gap between ES and the 1st dummy) (8*24=)192 total gap
    1152+192 = 1344.

    Now how do I know that it's exactly missing 1 more dummy? Simply: Diametre of 1 more dummy (48) + another gap (8) + 1344 makes exactly 1400.

    In this image you can see the dummy's size is equal to that of ES and Tusk, so they are all 24. You can also see that Tusk is 1400 range away from Earthshaker. He is standing there were the 25th segment should be.

    Visually, the Fissure has the correct length already.

    In short: Fissure's pathing block has a length of 1344. Add 1 more dummy to make it have the advertised 1400 range.
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