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Thread: Allow us to choose where to host the custom game if it has "Dedicated Servers"

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    Lightbulb Allow us to choose where to host the custom game if it has "Dedicated Servers"


    I live in Peru and I enjoy playing custom games with my friends (GemTD especially). We noticed that it has Dedicated servers enabled, and although that's cool, it's also a big problem for us. Allow me to explain:

    We create a custom lobby with the whole party, but Dota 2 directs us automatically to the Peruvian Servers, which, in case you were wondering, are either overloaded, dead or just completely useless. I managed to eat lunch and type this whole post while FINDING SERVER and I'm still waiting.

    I think it's cool that you host the custom game region-based but this is just unplayable (quite literally).

    Please give us the option to choose the region we want to host it in (I would choose South America or USE any time over Peru just because of the server quality). And if you don't want us to overload other regions then allow us to host the DEDICATED SERVERS custom games locally. We'd much rather have one of us host the game than wait for a server.

    Seriously, 15 minutes waiting and still counting.

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    You should always be given the option to ignore the available dedicated servers and use a local host.
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    When we have several people on LAN trying to play custom games, being forced onto dedicated servers causes all of us to lag horribly (living in Australia, where our Internet speeds are god-awful)

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    some times local servers match better then dedacated, i've got permanent "timed out" right after loading screen, local servers hosted by players works fine, but all top games got "dedicated" and unplayable.

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    Totally agree

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    Edit: Look like is allowd with some console commands but you cant invite friends.

    First you need to enable console (-console) and addons (-enable_addons) at launch options

    Then start the game mod who you want to play and type "addons" in console. Something like this will appears

    ] addons
    1 addons loaded
    0: '609002110'
    Save this number "609002110" (will be different for each game mod)

    Then use this command
    dota_launch_custom_game "addonID" "mapname" (remove ")

    Thanks to cro_madbomber #crothepro to show me this
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