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Thread: Scripting

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    If there would be a way to identify, and ban 2 actions proc'd with one click (mouse or keyboard click) that could be solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naphack View Post
    multiple wrongs.
    First off, third party programs?
    as of now, source engine will gladly run your scripts without any problem. YOu can make scripts for the actual game to run smoothly ingame.
    Also: I have a Keyboard with macro keys and can also put macroes to my mouse like np. Do you really want to try to detect stuff like that? Tho these macroes won't run on garena, at least I haven't managed yet to do so for the keyboard, strangely, the mouse binds work just fine, I put 2 inventory slots in there cause war3 doesn't allow putting inventory keys anywhere else but on the default position on the numpad.
    Whichever program receives the keyboard input first can filter out the macro triggering keys and replace them with other actions. For example, Blamestars Hotkey tool will remap any key to mouse movements to a specific point and simulate clicks there, while also suppressing the original key input.
    Making my keyboard macro keys bypass Garena would probably only take increasing the priority of the keyboard software's process.

    Sure, theres a way to filter certain scripts and theres a way to detect anything but theres also a way around everything of it.

    Let's do some brainstorming.
    First off, you need to make a declaration:
    "Scripting Invoker spells is a bannable offense." would be enough.
    Next: Cutting off all the ways to script invoker spells with the use of the source engines scripting functionality.
    Third: Create a tool which can check replays for scripting. Just repetitive patterns in invoke speed etc. No human can produce the exact same key input like 60 times without any difference in speed.
    Now: Any replay sent with a complaint about a possible scripting done by a certain player in the game can be checked with that tool and in case, he's fount guilty, he can just be banned/warned/put into low priority matchmaking/excluded from non-private games for some time/stats reset/... Enough possibilities.
    This post is very realist and makes a lot of sense

    Indeed, scripting is not something which you can 100% detect and/or prevent. However the game should not offer the possibility to do it so easily (ie: it should require 3rd party stuff, which makes it look more like cheating than just "configuring" the game in some CFG file...)

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    I am with you that scripting is uncool on invoker but is it really a big deal? People have always been able to script and macro in dota 1 and it has never been a problem that needed solving(to my knowledge anyway).

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    Script and macros have always been banned in Dota. Most public leagues and such ban them, let alone tournaments.

    So have been the other, more serious hacks. For both scripts and hacks, there is no foolproof way of detecting them. Making a rule about them is one issue, tracking it is another. You don't see sports legalizing steroids and whatnot, even if they can't really catch the majority.

    The problem with macrovoker is that it doesn't make the hero just easier to play, it makes him better regardless of who is controlling him. Invoking the spells like a macro does in every situation is beyond a human's capabilities. Even more significant a case for macro usage could be meepo, whose poof-blink combo would be swift and devastating. Even a tiny couldn't react and respond against all those meepos jumping on him.

    I say, if macros are to be allowed on Invoker, it'd be just the same as giving us direct hotkeys for the spells. Even then, anyone with decency would be using macros because the timing is just so much better with them.

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