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Thread: A fix for the model rotation export

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    A fix for the model rotation export


    I have a problem that has, I believe, a rather simple fix.

    There is a program called iPi soft that offers a great solution for Motion Capturing projects and is used by many SFM creators. In short, the only thing you have to do is to import your SFM model into the iPi soft and paste the recorded animation on top of the imported model rig and bam, you are done in a minute. This worked fine with Dota 2 models until Reborn SFM came.

    With SFM 2, the imported skeleton (rig) has its spine along the horizontal X axis and iPi has no tools to modify the rotation of that rig. Obviously, that imported skeleton should have its spine along the vertical axis, to match the rotation of the iPi soft character.

    I have tried to rotate the model within the SFM to maybe affect its exported rotation, but would always get the same result. The ONLY work around at the moment includes tons of 3rd party programs that "fix" the rotation of the rig before its imported into iPi soft, but doing that for 50-60 animations to find the one that works best is slightly obnoxious and time wasting.

    I have also tried to download SFM 1 and export Dota 2 models from it, rather than from SFM 2, but the end result is the same. I should note that exporting skeletons from Team Fortress 2 works great and without any flaws. This makes me believe that this might not be a problem with SFM itself, but with the new version of Dota 2 models introduced with Reborn.

    iPi soft is an important program for anyone who wants to make a serious and good looking Dota 2 SFM. It saves the unbelievable amount of time that would be spent on manual animations and lets us use that time for other things. I do hope you find some time to address this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

    Attached picture - The imported skeleton is from Templar Assassin, and as you can see, her rotation does not match the rotation of iPi soft character next to her.

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    IT happens to me too, and find no way to fix it.
    BUT, i found that SFM1 model's skeleton work very well with Ipi mocap studio, and do the same great job with SFM2 too.
    (except some heroes, TH etc..)

    I hope this is helpfull to you :-)

    sorry for my bad English.

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    Indeed, SFM 1 models work pretty great, thanks for the tip!

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