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Thread: [C]The point at which Fortunes End projectile leaves Oracle changes with channel time

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    [C]The point at which Fortunes End projectile leaves Oracle changes with channel time

    As the title says, depending on how long you channel Oracles Fortune's End, the point from which the spells projectile starts travelling changes.

    The cast animation of this spell has Oracle put his hands in front of him, the projectile will start from wherever his hands are during the animation. Instantly cancelling the spell by casting, say, purifying flames makes the projectile start around his shoulders. Channeling the spell for bit makes it start a good length in front of Oracle.

    The reason this is important is due to the Fortune's End - Purifying Flames combo, which relies on applying Purifying Flames on the enemy before the impact of the Fortune's End projectile, to purge off the heal. Having a variable starting point for the purging projectile makes judging the minimum distance at which this combo is possible to execute significantly more difficult.

    Reproduction A

    1. Get within approximately 450 range of a target
    2. Channel Fortune's End to almost full duration
    3. Cancel the spell with Purifying Flames

    Result A

    The target will be healed by Purifying Flames, the purging projectile impacted the enemy too early

    Reproduction B

    1. Get within approximately 450 range of a target
    2. Start a channel of Fortune's End, but immediately cancel it by casting Purifying Flames

    Result B

    The target will not be healed by Purifying Flames, the projectile impacts it after the heal gets applied.

    Expected Result

    The projectile should have a fixed starting point, meaning that in both cases the result should be the same. Which result it will be depends on what Valve chooses it to be.

    As a reference point: Windrunner and Keeper of the Light both have channeling spells that shoot a projectile. Both of these spells start at a fixed point.
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    you cant compare a unit targeted spell to point targeted aoe spell. All aoe spells are set to travel a certain path and affect certain area.

    But everything with no fixed paths, like every homing projectile or things like chain lightnings always start at a certain point on the unit, and not at the unit's center.

    I doubt that this will get changed at all. The only compromise I see is changing the animation for the spell. His animation begins with him putting his arms close to him and then stretching away. They could remove the pulling towards him part and make him stretch his arms starting from the default position.

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    Good point, and a great video to showcase what I meant. I think it would be a shame if the projectile always started travelling far away from him as it increases the minimum range at which the combo could be executed, but at least it would give some consistency to the spell.

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