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Thread: [Batrider] Flaming Lasso interaction with Chronosphere

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    [Batrider] Flaming Lasso interaction with Chronosphere

    Weird interaction with Flaming Lasso and Chronosphere which only happens when Flaming Lasso is cast first.

    1. Cast Flaming Lasso on an enemy.
    2. Cast Chronosphere on the same unit.

    Result: The Chronosphere debuff gets applied and immediately removed again, and that until the unit is not affected by one of them anymore.

    Expected: The unit is affected by both normally, not debuff spamming by Chronosphere.

    This works fine when Chronosphere was cast first.

    A result of this bug is, the lasso'd unit can cast instant cast spells when the Lasso ends inside the Chronosphere.

    And here a combat log.
    Chronosphere first

    Flaming Lasso first

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