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Thread: [Confirmed] Templar Assassin Meld bug while attacking phoenix egg

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    [Confirmed] Templar Assassin Meld bug while attacking phoenix egg

    When TA uses meld next to phoenix and attacks the egg just before egg expires, TA will stay invisible, she can move, use any item and spell. TAs attack projectile must be flying towards the egg but not hit it before egg stuns TA.
    Only attacking breaks meld. Seems like the same kind of old bug which occurred when attacking any unit going invisible. Other transformations doesn't effect meld this way, for example alchemist dodging meld attack with ultimate just reveals TA and dodges damage.

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    This happens when the attack target fully disappears. Normally, units disappear 6-7 seconds after death. Phoenix sun disappears instantly.

    The spell has multiple issues:

    1. Instead of the first attack launched out of Meld, the first attack hitting out of Meld applies the Meld effects. So when your first target somehow gets far away and you make a 2nd attack on another unit before your first target gets hit, Meld is applied on the 2nd unit, instead of the first.
    2. When attacking out of Meld, Templar Assassin can move and cast spells while invisible, until one of her attacks hit an enemy. This is why your reported bug happens. She attacks Phoenix egg, it disappears before attack lands, attack hitting is not registered, so invis stays until making a new attack.

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    Gameplay Bug:TA permanent invisible

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