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Thread: [Confirmed] Terrorblade Illusions staying metamorphosed after Metamorphosis ends

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    [Confirmed] Terrorblade Illusions staying metamorphosed after Metamorphosis ends

    If Conjure Image is used just as the Metamorphosis duration ends, it is possible for the illusion that is created to stay metamorphosed for the whole duration of the illusion.

    1) Cast Metamorphosis
    2) Wait until Metamorphosis has almost ended
    3) Cast Conjure Image

    The illusion created by Conjure Image stays metamorphosed while hero & any other illusions return to melee mode.

    Terrorblade and all illusions should revert to melee when Metamorphosis ends.
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    Only needs a bit of timing.
    Please, just call me buny.

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    BUG : Terrorblade Illusion stays at metamorphosis

    So what happened was, I summoned an illusion right before metamorphosis was over. I just wanted to summon an illusion for farming. Ignore the fact that I have a terrible item build. Somehow, it triggered a bug I guess? The illusion stayed in meta form even when my main hero is already in non-meta form.
    I managed to record it just before the illusion expired. >.<

    everything is shown in video

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    bu3ny are you the guy who send bugs to valve?

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    This is an unintended bug I presume

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    Terrorblade illusion/meta interaction that is still bugged.

    Currently, after the rework, all illusions are supposed to return to melee form when meta wears off. However, with both manta and conjure image, if either are used the last moment that metamorphosis is active they will retain range form and damage.

    Sorta proof here:

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