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Thread: Stamper/Battleblock theater Annnouncer Pack

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    Stamper/Battleblock theater Annnouncer Pack

    So, I heard that Stamper recorded a long time ago an announcer pack and he said that was ready, what happened with that?? I really liked Stamper in battleblock theater and i was really excited for the announcement of an announcer pack.

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    I would love to hear any news about this as well.
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    May 21st 2014 plans on making a sound pack on Dota 2
    6th January 2015 they said voice pack is going to be released within the next 3 weeks.

    After that there are a lot of messages that they haven't forgotten Dota 2. Still working on it/waiting through the submission process/??.

    Valve/Behemoth please.....
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