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Thread: [Suggestion] Please bring back dota1 "switch enabled" funcation to custom games

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    Talking [Suggestion] Please bring back dota1 "switch enabled" function to custom games

    Just for those who may not know,in Dota1 whenever the game became literally one-sided,a player could call for a vote to switch which allowed him to swap his place (both the player and his hero) with another in the enemy team.In short he could replace himself with another one in the opposite team.
    Would u please bring it back to dota2 as a custom game or maybe enable it in some custom games like lmba,10vs10 and other similar games?
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    +1. Fully agreed. I really hope for -switch to be implemented in Dota 2. To me, that -switch helped me to solve a lot match problems when I was playing on Garena platform
    I just don't understand why Valve never implement it after years of launching Dota 2.
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