Hi people,

I really need help with my model editor ( super desperate at this point ) Normally, when changing animation values in model editor, (Changing name, starting frame etc.), you can just change the value and save the vmdl in order to see the changes you actually made.

But my model editor is different, right after I make changes in animation section (be it changing the starting frame or even the name !), the model editor would immediately re-load the animation files so I can see the changes I just made. (which is super *##$ing annoying cause it takes 1003490340 seconds to do so).

Can anyone please shed a light on this one :'(


Stupid model editor is auto-saving/auto-loading everything.

Screenshot of console when the shit happen

Also, does anyone know what force_up_to_date_materials is ? might be the cause of my problem, though im not 100% sure.