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Thread: [Fixed] Some Fallout 4 announcer rules are wrong

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    [Fixed] Some Fallout 4 announcer rules are wrong

    I went through the response rules of the Fallout 4 announcer, and here are the things I found out.

    Radiant team pick rule missing

    "Radiant team pick" event is fully missing and the response is currently listed in "radiant team ban" event.


    Enemy team ban when being on Dire team

    The response rule for the line "draftphase_banenemys_01" has 2 entries, as it should. One for when you are radiant, one for when you are dire. But the rule for when being on radiant is worded "IsBanRadiantD69". Comparing to other announcers, it should be "IsBanRadiantIsPlayerTeam_Dire"


    Ancient under attack

    Radiant/Dire ancient under attack responses are swapped. I'm not entirely sure about this one, but when comparing to tower/rax under attack, this one looks accidentally swapped.


    Roshan killed

    Roshan killed responses are all swapped. When radiant kills, it says dire, and vice versa. For players and specators.


    10 seconds to battle

    The "10 seconds to battle" responses aren't hooked up. IsPrepStart, IsGameStarting30 and IsGameStart are in, IsGameStarting10 is missing. The responses are there in the files.
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