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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Take the custom games to another level and benefit game creators

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    [SUGGESTION] Take the custom games to another level and benefit game creators

    Would ask if there's any benefit for custom game creators?
    If not, wouldn't it be a good thing for valve to think about some way to benefit game creators? (ofc valve will get part of the value as tax which will benefit valve as well)

    Here a small idea came up to my mind
    Add the ability to sell in-game bonuses and addons inside a custom game.

    I will take a custom game Naval Warfare as example.
    You can purchase a unique ship which is available only for those who bought it (example $2.99 or 3.99)
    You can buy a unique weapon for that ship for money too.

    Lets take some TD maps (tower defense)
    You can buy unique tower (hero) that is as well available only for those who purchased it.

    (Of course all paid things in all custom games will stick to the dota 2 account and the purchases are permanent.)
    Custom game creators will make sure the paid content will not be too overpowered because if it will - people will stop play this game and there will not be any benefit. Let's say it will be a good motivation to well test the paid content first if you don't want your custom game to fail so hard and people keep play it.

    Also the whole thing can be done other way.

    When u see a custom game.. you can see a Subscription button..
    Add another button and make it look like this:
    [Subscribe for free] [Subscribe for $2.99] *or 3.99 or whatever.. (Valve will get the part of the income. which will benefit them as well)
    Both paid and free subscribers play same lobbies and same game but the paid subscribers gets additional abilities in game. (or starting gold, ships, towers etc. whatever...)

    Lets see options how all this thing could be made:
    1.Valve have to write a code and integrate that whole thing to be real. (Make it possible technically)
    2.Custom game creator have to submit to valve the paid version of the custom game via workshop or whatever for testing before it gets applied. If applied - valve host the games and the custom game get Dedicated Server.
    3.Lets say for example - Valve takes 50% of all the incomes.
    If u have 200 people subscribed to the paid version that costs $3 it will make 600$. That means valve will take 300$. (Btw 50% is just en example.. it might be too much.. let the game creators benefit more! :P)
    All the money earned by the game creator will fund to its Steam wallet. but not the regular Steam wallet, but create another wallet called lets say "Workshop wallet?"
    Because as we know money on steam wallet cannot be withdrawn.
    Make the "Workshop wallet" money be able to be withdrawn for additional tax that goes to valve (lets say 10%) (can be withdrawn via paypal etc.)
    *Money from "Workshop wallet" can be transferred to Steam wallet with no tax.

    Ofcourse this whole idea can be improved and its just an idea that came up in my mind just in 1 minute, and the rest thing came up during me writing this xD

    OK and now PROS and CONS
    1.Game creators benefit for their work (if they work hard enough to make people want pay for it)
    2.Valve benefit (should been placing it on the first place I guess haha ) Another stable income for valve
    3.Custom games will go to another level because game creators will work harder and make amazing and unbelievable games to get any benefit.
    4.ALL the games will stay FREE TO PLAY!. *Paid subscription is just an option to get a little bonus in-game!

    3.I don't see any ^^

    This is pretty much the idea. any suggestions and improvements to the idea are welcome in comments. Hope Valve take a look at this.

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    Custom games have networking enabled. Warlockbrawl are using it.

    In the future if custom games get really big you can automate the process of creating games, making tournaments etc through third party website. You notice in the upper left corner you can sign through Steam. It basically links your Steam account to the site.
    Since you have an account on their website they can implement their own store which also means they don't have to give Valve a cut.

    When you play a game they have your Steam ID. They can then check within their own database if you have bought anything on their website and act accordingly. It doesn't have to be done over Valve. If it is done over Valve Valve probably wants to have a cut and who knows how long it takes until Valve implements it.

    In the future we might see a few good RPG maps. You won't have to save, load since the data can be stored on their own server.

    When a game is being hosted they can make the game communicate with a server they own. The technology is already there. Custom games is however newish and needs a few more years before we see good maps. When that time comes you will automatically see some monetization.

    This is from my understanding. Some information might be inaccurate.
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    The reason there is no paid features of custom games at the moment is for two reasons

    1) Valve has to be made accountable to the developers for the effective use of the engine, since they would be responsible for the income of the developer. Not only is valve too busy to fully ensure this, but the source 2 editing tools are still in beta.
    2) The developers have to be made accountable to the end users for the usage of the system, which is just a whole bunch of legal shenanigans.
    3) Still a lot of work to do with Majors, pit lord & arc warden, source 2, reborn, etc.

    I doubt we'll ever see paid custom games, honestly. Once the source 2 engine comes out of beta and you can publish standalone games on it, I don't ever see valve caring about custom games as much as to deal with the process of monetizing them.
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