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Thread: [Bug + Hammer Suggestion] Alternative name fixup method/flag for point_template

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    Exclamation [Bug + Hammer Suggestion] Alternative name fixup method/flag for point_template

    (Previously posted this in the wrong sub-forum, sorry!)

    Hello! I have recently changed the point_templates in my map to enable the use of the name fix-up flag, so that I would be able to reference them in my lua scripts as they spawn (and allow them to spawn additional templates, chaining them essentially). The problem is that the name fix-up flag didn't work as I had expected it to. It increments a global number for all templates spawned, rather than incrementing a number separately for each copy of a particular template.

    For example, I have template_this_maker and template_that_maker:

    - I spawn an instance of template_this through the template_this_maker entity, creating template_this_1
    - I spawn an instance of template_that through the template_that_maker entity, creating template_that_2

    I would have expected both temples to spawn with a name fixup as _1 (as each has only been copied once) instead of incrementing the number globally across all templates. As you can imagine, this makes creating logic that requires separate increments of each template, a pain in the butt. Having the suggested functionality would make it much easier to do what I'm trying to do (spawn a tiered chain of randomly-chosen rooms off of one another through Lua).

    I'm not sure if this is how the flag is supposed to work. In any case, it would be very convenient to have at least a separate flag that does a name fix-up for each template copy of the same name individually.

    There also seems to be a major bug with the name fix-up count; the fix-up count isn't reset when disconnecting and relaunching the game mode through dota_launch_custom_game! If you launch a map multiple times within the same session through dota_launch_custom_game, the number increment in the fix-up will continue to rise despite the map being completely restarted.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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