Experience Trophy seems like too easy to level up. For player like me who keep playing everyday, I can simply get to level 50 Trophy of Experience if I want. There are too many newbies who got level 50 but they haven't learn or know and understand the Dota 2 game-play and mechanics. Dota 2 should have another trophy called "Trophy of Victory". To gain level for Trophy of Victory, a player needs to win a certain number of games, the higher level, the higher number wins need to achieve in order to level up.

There's no point to judge a player by the number of games he has completed because Trophy of Experience always give points after a game. Also, a player should be judged by something or a goal where everyone in the game wants to achieve, which is VICTORY! I spoke before in here.

Will be the best if Ranked Match is only allowed for players who achieved at least 2,000 wins ~ not 2,000 matches!