It's been 3 Months since Reborn has be completely Rolled out...
and since it's Beta, I've been hoping for improvements on my beloved Guild System AND TO ALSO HAVE IT IMPLEMENTED!

Main Reasons:
  • There's a friend limit on your steam
  • easy to start in house lobby games
  • lobby shenaningans
  • custom games
  • keep in touch with a community of great people from all over the world.

Chat Channels just don't do it for us Koalas.

  • Ability to properly moderate the Guild Chat
  • Ban Members
  • In Game Client Forum
  • a more improved Guild Main Page!
  • Events
  • Comments
  • Questions Just like Steam Groups.

Please IMPLEMENT THE GUILD SYSTEM BACK. I miss my Koala Colony Guild and there's so many lost koalas [500ish] wondering where their home has gone.