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Thread: [Suggestion] Ability to Adjust Transparency

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    [Suggestion] Ability to Adjust Transparency

    Just a quick suggestion to be able to adjust transparency of the HUD. In the following pic I'll show regions which are NOT appropriate to be affected by transparency, which then shows indirectly the regions that are;

    A bigger picture can be accessed here

    To clarify, any text should not be affected by transparency, only the gray they're printed on should be. I forgot to add but the level up squares underneath the skill icons should also not be affected by transparency.

    As to how much transparency should be allowed, I'm gonna leave that up to Valve to decide. I wouldn't think 90% would be appropriate, maybe 60% max? I'm not sure, you'd have to see it to know how much is okay.

    Note: If this has been suggested before, feel free to lock/delete.
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    I don't see the reason to be able to make it transparency. It should be better to be able to create your own UI instead of just make it more transparency.

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    McNord is right... Better an adjustable UI than the transparency.

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