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Thread: Demo Mode, minimap on right: "Demo Options" overlaps shop items

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    Unhappy Demo Mode, minimap on right: "Demo Options" overlaps shop items

    For the longest time I wondered why the Demo Mode user interface was so badly designed, but then it struck me that it's because I'm one of those odd people who have always played with the minimap on the right.

    Please move the Demo Options to the right side of the screen so we don't have to keep hiding and showing them to use the shop.

    To repeat this issue:
    1. Set "Show minimap on the Right"
    2. Demo any hero
    3. Open the shop (F4)
    4. Suffer the torment of half the shop items being hidden until you hide the demo options, which you'll just have to open again a minute later
    5. Dwell in this agony, which is shared only by your tiny tribe of fellow righties

    Has been an issue since reborn introduced the Demo Mode. Screenshot attached.

    (Also, although they should never overlap, as the shop window is more readily opened and closed, it should probably be on a layer above the "demo options" anyway.)

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