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Thread: [Arc Warden] Tempest Double does not copy the drafted abilities

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    Bug with Arc Warden's Tempest Double

    (match id: 2585341083)
    I was earth shaker and I had Ark Warden's ult, Tempest Double.
    Whenever I used it, the double only had my items, not my abilitys, it had no abilitys at all, so I could only use my items twice, not my abilitys.
    We still won but I wasted my ult having that.
    Lord Me

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    That does suck, tho I have seen people make radiance and travel boots with it so it can actually be kinda useful for defending/pushing and why not for fighting too if you have disable/damage items.

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    Arc Warden's ultimate in Ability Draft

    ENG If you pick Arc's ulty, illusion that you will summon won't be able to cast any abilities.Only use items. Volvo fix pls

    RUS При игре в режиме Ability draft выбирая ультимативную способность героя Arc warden иллюзия, призванная этой способность не сможет применять другие выбранные умения, а только использовать предметы. Пожалуйста помогите мне и всем остальным игрокам этого режима решить эту проблему.20161110185136_1.jpg
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