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Thread: How to do shape keys?

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    How to do shape keys?

    For example, facial animation. How do I get the shape keys from Blender in?

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    It's not working.
    So I put a mesh with a single shape key into S2FM, and I can see and move the slider for it, however it does absolutely nothing. I'm 100% sure the shape key is working fine in blender.
    The shape key is supposed to make the top and bottom just stretch out. As you can see it does nothing.
    The model was exported from blender using blender source tools, with the proper engine path so it makes the proper kind of dmx.

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    How can I justify using S2FM if something as simple as a shape key wont work yet?

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    Apply a texture with the "Allow Morph" option ticked. It may be called something else. No need to get mad lmao.

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    I don't know where that is, I'm looking all over the material editor.

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    Ah, found it. It's inside the hero shader, the "morph supported" checkbox.
    The shapekey works now, thx.

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