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Thread: Wrong item level (and price) in the game summary

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    Wrong item level (and price) in the game summary

    So I just gloriously carried my team to victory and was watching the game summary in the "recent games" section, when I noticed that the summary indicated that my Diffusal Blade was only level 1 while I was sure I did upgrade it to level 2. [Image]
    Note the "999" cooldown too, didn't noticed it at first.

    So I had a doubt and watched the replay, and I found out that I was right [Image]. Even the summary at the end of the replay indicates that it was level 2 [Image] (and so did the summary at the end of the actual game in my memories).

    Apparently the "999" cooldown appears for all the items. Notice too that this bug also makes the summary indicate that I payed only 3300 while I payed in fact 4150 for the second recipe.

    Just to be sure, I watched the summary of a previouss game where I played Warlock and had a lvl 3 Necromicon. The summary dosen't explicitely says that it was lvl 3 but this time, the price and the icon are at least correct [Image]. So the problem is only with the Diffusal Blade. (It might be with the Dagon too though)

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