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Thread: [Confirmed] Aghs Requiem of Souls working strange + visual effects don't match at all

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    [Confirmed] Aghs Requiem of Souls working strange + visual effects don't match at all

    First and foremost, the visual effects of the upgrade do not match with the actual affected area. They are only correct when SF stands still for the entire duration. As soon as he starts moving, they are wrong.

    This is how aghs requiem seems to work currently:

    1. Lines move outwards as usual
    2. As soon as they reach their max range, they start returning towards Shadow Fiend's current location. So if SF moved after the initial cast, they start moving to where he is now.
    3. The lines do not adapt if SF moves further after they started to return. Their returning point is fixed to where he was as they started to return.
    4. The lines travel for a fixed distance, they do not travel until they reach the point. They seem to travel for (max distance / travel speed) seconds, which is (975/1000/1025 / 700 = ) 1.39/1.43/1.46 seconds.
    5. However, the visual effects suggest that basically "new" lines are spawned around SF's current location, which then return to where he was as they spawned.
    6. The lines' width is reversed: Upon starting to return, they have max width, upon reaching their final point, they have minimum width. This makes sense, no problems here.

    So there are 2 options: Either the visual effect gets changed to actually match the lines' position upon returning, or the actual effect gets changed to match the visual effect of the spell.

    Also please, change the visual widths of the lines in general. They are way too thin compared to their actual width.

    Below are a bunch of videos proving each point.

    I use 8 lines to make things clearer and easier to follow.
    First, an image version. This is default Requiem of Souls

    Now the SF blinks away to the right

    Now this is what the visual effects suggest is happening: new lines spawning around SF and return to his position

    But this is what's actually happening: The new lines are created where the old lines ended and move towards SF's position

    I'm using exact positioning in the videos, with the help of ent_setpos
    Here you can see aghs requiem without SF moving.

    In this scenario, all seems just fine. Sven gets hit by all 8 lines upon expanding and returning.

    And here, we have SF getting repositioned. The Sven is out of range of the default requiem.

    We can see that Sven was hit by only 1 line. That line is the one which went towards east and then returned. Due to it being the closest to Sven, it managed to reach him, the others were too far.

    On this one, there are a bunch of creeps spread around. I then swap SF's and Sven's positions before the lines return.

    The 1st cast shows that all of them are out of range of the default part of Requiem. The creeps towards the left got hit by some returning lines because they were close enough for the north, north-east, east, south-east and south lines. Sven got hit by 1 only again, and that was the west line which basically went a straight line back, due to SF's Y position being unchanged.

    On this one, we put SF far away after the initial part, again before returning. I also put some creeps towards the direction I move SF to, out of Requiem range again, and some more creeps around SF's new location.

    The creeps towards the new direction get damaged as the lines start moving towards the new point, but not all of them, because the lines travel for a set time. The creeps around SF are unharmed.

    This video shows that the lines do not adapt when SF moves further. Once they started to return, their path cannot be altered.

    SF blinks away after the lines start returning, and CW gets hit by all lines still.

    And one last video to check the lines' width upon returning.

    Default requiem lines are thin and beginning and thick at the end, and upon returning they start thick and end thin. This is totally fine and makes sense.

    img version

    (the uneven-ness is mainly because of the camera angle and stuff)
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    That's very detailed, nice.

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    Your game didn't crash after spawning so many creeps? Impressive, I would probably crash.

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    Just want to give this a bump since it's relevant to 6.87. With aghs SF getting buffed, would be awesome to see this get fixed! The damage on the return really should dynamically update with SF's position as the visual effect indicates, otherwise, the damage of the return nuke (and consequently the heal) is just so low and irrelevant.

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    Great post, can't believe they haven't done anything about it yet.

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