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Thread: 도타2와 스타2의 공통점 the same issues of Dota2 and SC2

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    도타2와 스타2의 공통점 the same issues of Dota2 and SC2

    그냥 3D 리메이크했으면 대박 ㅋㅋ
    Better off if they just did remake of original one into 3D

    그리고 다수의 어중이떠중이들이 패치하는것보다, 소수의 탁월한사람들이 하는게 나음
    For balancing issues, a group of genius is way better than bunch of mediocre influencing and talk blahblahblah (they should be like 365 24/7 only playing dota2 game played like unbelievably many, you may be able to find one or two)

    그럼왜 하는가? 할게없어서 ㅇㅇ
    Why play? volve and Blizzard they just monopolized. And not else things to do. A game with genuine talent, nowhere gone.(?!)

    Dota2's getting disappointing as other big games is
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