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Thread: Cloth/Physics simulation in S2FM ?

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    Cloth/Physics simulation in S2FM ?

    Hi ! I already worked with S2FM, with some custom models, and i'm a bit curious about something :
    I know Source 2 have Physics simulation and cloth simulation, does it works with SFM ? How ? Is it possible to include it with custom models ?
    Thanks in advance for the answers

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    I was actually doing some research about this topic yesterday, but I found nothing that would be helpful.

    I do remember some tests I did a few months ago, with Templar Assassin and custom animations done over Motion Capture. Cloth physics were automatically applied to her, but I was not paying attention on what I actually did. Now, when I am trying to do the same thing, nothing happens. There is a big chance that I am doing something wrong, so hopefully we get some input from somebody with more experience.

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