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Thread: Hidden pool / 50% chance to win

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    Hidden pool / 50% chance to win

    I would like to tell you a funny story. 4 years ago I started playing DotA , I have absolutely no experience in games of this genre , the game is much like me and I started to play a lot. At the time of the introduction of the ranked matchmaking I have already played more than 3500 games and then came the day when I started to calibrate your ranking in the end I got 4200 points , not bad I thought, and went on to play. I continued to play a lot and now I have 6,000 matches and my ranking was at 5.2-5.3k, and for a long time, my rating fluctuated + -300 points, which was very strange because every game I made maximum impact, all that was I can, but my win rate was still 50%, I began to notice that the ever after winning the series, my team came across people who do not know how to / can play and I just lost because DotA is a team game, but the balance in these games It was not a 5 vs 5, and in the best case, 1 to 5 or 1 to 9, I often noticed that if my teammates were just standing on the base, I would have won the game. One day my friend said, maybe your account is cursed, I laughed, but then seriously thinking may well have.

    I created a new account, enough of the required number of games that have access to the calibration, align your second account and received 4,400 points, I continued to play there, and I quickly raised the rating to 5800 pts. I have never abused anything, just play as well as the first account. I thought I just learned something new, improve your skills, so I raised his rating is much higher. After playing for a bit, I took note in 6000 rankings. At this point I was really very happy, because it is at that moment, I almost made it to the top 200 in Europe. But I thought, why should I be in the top of the second account, I went back to my main account and started playing, and very disappointed because I have not gone beyond the limit at 5.4k , and then I heard about this thing called by many a hidden pool , many say that the fall in the pool hidden behind a large number of report , but no one has accurate information how to get to the hidden pool.
    I do not know how the hidden pool , but the play was not possible , and there is no fun at all . As a result of my training with DotA , I have 7,500 hours , about 8000+ matches 5.3k rating on the main account and 6k to fake .very sad to realize that I can not get to the top , just because some things are called hidden pool.

    that's the whole point of a hidden pool:
    You can see the statistics of the match , but it's better to watch the game of my teammates in the first person. Nope balance of skill players.Someone here does not deserve such a rating

    Here's a story , Now I 'm going to play again
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    It's impossible you are in hidden pool since you never botting or abuse something...

    In my opinion its how elo works...
    Good player will break the elo match that valve give, they will survive whatever condition to reach next level...
    Just some example EE reach 6k on smurf from 4k with super toxic team in 5k bracket...
    And some greece player, his nickname was Focus you can see on leaderboard, he climb from 3,8k till 7k..
    Sorry for bad English..

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