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Thread: Is there a way to mute chat and minimap clickking&drawing

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    Is there a way to mute chat and minimap clickking&drawing

    For some reason that only valve knows I was put with 1370 MMR for my first ranked game. This is the lowest MMR one can be put in.
    So in the last 2 games we had score like 10 60 and 15 73 or such I was with troll farming woods both games then joined team when I saw what kind of people are in my team.
    The last 3th game was another story. However truth is that many people who play dota (especially in night hours 12am-7am) are freaks, psychopaths.. What they do, intentionally feeding, not helping you, non stop clicking&drawing on the minimap etc. and spamming the chat.
    So I want to play this game, but do I have to take all these things from these people? Is there a way to stop the chat and minimap clicking&drawing so I can have 1 normal game.
    If not high MMR can I at least have one normal game?
    The fact is that noone can stop freaks psychopaths to waste their and others time "playing" dota.

    One new thing that I have learned playing this game is that I found out that such kind of people exist in this world.
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    Mute all chat exists, but it will also mute your friends for some reason.

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